BBMA 101



You asked for it…You got it!

For those who were unable to attend our summer pilot program, we have great news!!!

From January to August 2019, we will start a special program, BBMA 101 to encourage families who were unable to take advantage of our summer pilot program to join us.

We are a new Montessori preschool, by participating in the BBMA 101 program, participating families can benefit from great benefits while helping us spread the word about their experiences and all the benefits Bright Beginnings Montessori Academy has to offer.


BBMA 101 Program


  • BBMA 101 program from January to August 2019


  • Enrollment open for children ages 3 and 4 (must be fully toilet trained) 5-year-old children may be enrolled on a case to case basis (if interested please call for more information)


  • Fun and engaging activities based on the individual goals and needs of each child


  • Spanish immersion program


  • Organic snacks


  • Eco-friendly program

How is BBMA 101 different from Summer pilot program?

  • Extended session: BBMA 101 will run from January to August 2019


  • Enrollment is open for children ages 3 to 4 (must be fully toilet trained) 5-year-old children may be enrolled on a case by case basis (if interested please call for more information)


  • Full day session from 8:00am-3:00pm and Extended session from 6:45 am to 5:30pm


  • Great discounted tuition (see below)


  • Parent components- we will provide parents with information about Montessori Method in our newsletter and offer suggestions on how to incorporate Montessori at home if they wish, to support children at home and maintain a level of consistency between home and school.

BBMA 101 program in a nutshell












  • Monday -Friday

  • January to August 2019

  • Application fee 0

  • Full day tuition from 8:00am-3:00pm $100 a week

  • Extended care from 6:45am to 5:30pm additional $30 week

  • There is a non-refundable $75 registration fee (school polo shirt included in the registration fee)

  • There is a $100 deposit (full session) or $130 deposit (extended session) due at the time of the enrollment to be applied to the last week of school.

Very important, please read Disclosures:

  • Interested families must complete Enrollment process by December 28th as children must participate in the student orientation scheduled to begin January 7th

  • Participating children must be between the ages of 3 and 4.5 (must be fully toilet trained) *5-year-old children may be enrolled on a case by case basis (if interested please call for more information)

  • Limited spaces available

  • The special tuition only applies to participating BBMA 101 families

  • The student orientation will start January 7th – The orientation sets the tone and creates a positive atmosphere where children feel welcome and excited about learning. During that first week, we focus on building a peaceful school community, build trust, make new friends and learn skills that will help children feel comfortable, confident and successful as they transition to their new school environment.

  • Because student orientation participation is so important, we can’t accept enrollments after the deadline- we thank you for your understanding.


We ask participating families to:

  • Become familiar and adhere to our policies and procedures as stated in the Parent Handbook

  • Attend parent orientation (adults only) approximately 1 hour

  • Attend parent/teacher conferences to discuss student progress (March and June)

  • Read the information provided about Montessori and how to incorporate Montessori at home

  • Complete a quality assurance survey and review our program

  • Allow us to take pictures of your child for our website, class blog and our Facebook page so other families interested in Montessori can see what children are learning!


For participating families: Important dates to keep in mind

















January 4th- Student (School Walk-through)

January 5th – Parent orientation 11:00am

January 7 – First day of school (student orientation week)




BBMA Enrollment process

Our Montessori environment and teaching methods are very different from traditional education. We ask parents to read about our program, our philosophy, mission and curriculum before applying for the 2019 BBMA 101 program.

1.  We invite the parents to visit our program for a tour, discuss child’s educational needs and answer any questions parents may have.  (Both parents are encouraged to attend).

2.  Parents submit an application for enrollment

3.  We invite the child to visit and do a few fun activities to assess readiness.

4.  Parents are informed of our decision about program participation

5.  Parents are provided with time-sensitive Enrollment packet 

6.  To confirm acceptance, parents must submit completed Enrollment Packet and agreed enrollment fee.

7.  Parent orientation (adults only) During the orientation, parents are provided with more information about what to expect during the first days of school, how to deal with transitions, separation and such. (Light refreshments will be served)

​8.  We invite the child one more time to visit for a quick "walk-through" before his/her first day of school. This opportunity helps the child become familiar with the classroom and help with his/her transition to the new environment. 

9.  Class begins!

Bright Beginnings Montessori Academy does not discriminate based on race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, or gender in its admission policies. Bright Beginnings Montessori Academy seeks to maintain a student body consisting of children who will flourish in a peaceful Montessori environment and add to the joyful spirit of our school community.