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BBMA Art Workshop!!!



A unique opportunity that empowers children to make their ideas, thoughts, feelings, theories, and perspectives visible through art exploration!

  • Experiences and exploration using various techniques, tools and art mediums focusing on the process not the end result.

  • Open-ended, creative experiences that are fun, unique, often messy, and entirely the children’s own!

  • Experiences that support children’s learning and development


Our Art Workshop as well as our Summer Program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach


Why a Reggio inspired art program?

  • The approach is developmentally appropriate, and it does not take away in any way, shape or form from our core educational program that follows Montessori principles.


Programs that follow Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches are compatible! Montessori and Reggio programs:

  • Respects and honors children’s individuality

  • Regards children as competent, curious learners with much potential!

  • Supports children need for independent and cooperative learning experiences

  • Provides opportunities for children to engage and take active part in their learning process

  • Encourages children to make choices, think critically, problem-solve, and make their own discoveries.