• Ibis Fernando

1st full week of school (2020-21)

During our first full-day week the students were eager to work on their new lessons. We went over some preliminary lessons and they were ready to go!

We had opportunities to review previous lessons such as Easel work. They all enjoy painting, but we needed to go over all the steps from setting up, painting and cleanup to make sure they are able to work independently and feel successful. It is good to review after a long break away from school.

The children had opportunities to explore their shelves and engage in their individual lessons.

I had to give them gentle reminders about practicing their lessons. They enjoy the one-on- one interaction with me but when I finish the lesson, instead of practicing, they ask for more lessons :0)

Some of the materials will be changed but others will stay on the shelf a bit longer so the students can practice a bit more before moving along.

Of course, we danced, played games, listened to stories, and sang songs during our whole group activities.

Outdoor recess? Yes Please!

We are practicing our Spanish magic words, singing Spanish songs, calendar, colors and such.

All in all. We had a fantastic week!

Much more to come so stay tuned :0)

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