• Ibis Fernando

Africa, ponds and frogs!

During this week we are learning about amphibians and learned all kinds of fun facts about frogs! We learned that frogs go through metamorphosis (big change). We learned about different parts of a frog and their life cycle. We learned about ponds and lily pads and engaged in many frog-related activities.

We continue to learn about different biomes in the continent of Africa including savanna, rainforest (Congo Basin) and desert (Sahara) . We continue to learn about different animals and concepts including mammals, vertebrates/invertebrates, and different animals groups. (classifications).

Although we had fun with a few crafty projects such as frog handprints and coloring "Lili pads" using watercolors, we are really enjoying open-ended art creations using various art supplies including colored pencils, markers, finger-paint, watercolors and such. We also reviewed primary/secondary colors and had fun mixing blue/yellow to make green :o)

Enjoy the pictures :o)

Ani showing off her new smile :o)

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