• Ibis Fernando

All about birds!

Week three of our summer program was all about birds.

  • We learned about birds life cycle

  • Different parts of a bird

  • Parts of a feather

  • We learned about nests

  • We learned how mommy birds feed baby birds

  • We use feathers to make paintings

  • We were able to see a baby chick hatching from an egg (video)

  • We listened to different bird-related stories, listened to songs, played games and theme-related activities!

Enjoy the pictures!

Happy news!

We welcomed our butterflies into our class! We also found out that we received a different shipment and instead of monarch butterflies we have painted lady butterflies! We will release them next week.

Independent choices

Bird feeders

Outdoor play!

One more week to go....ending our summer program with a special surprise!

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