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All about Butterflies!

I can't believe our first week of Summer Program just ended! We had so much fun, seriously!

Some of the things we learned during this week:

~ Life cycle of a butterfly (egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly)

~Butterflies undergo a metamorphosis (big change)

~Butterflies are insects

~Insects have 3 body segments, 6 legs, antennae (and most insects have wings)

~Fun facts about Butterflies (the children laughed when they learned that butterflies use their feet to taste the nectar from flowers :o)

~Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish

~We played games, sang songs, did the butterfly dance and listen to stories (including my favorite, The Very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle :o)

Did I mention we have real caterpillars in our class? The kids are so excited!

Theme-related activities

Children never cease to amaze me! One single lesson that included:

  • The importance of wearing face masks when we play or sit close to our friends

  • How we put on/take off our mask

  • How we keep our masks safe (labeled Ziploc bag in cubby).

I don't even have to remind them. They remind each other!

I know it is very difficult for parents, as we see masks as a dreadful and constant reminder of the unbelievable times we are currently living in. I am happy to say, the children adapted so easily, they just see it as a new component of our daily routine no issues what so ever! Keep in mind, they use it for brief periods of time as our Montessori environment is constant movement. The children engage in activities with friends and then they move on to other activities that pique their interest. The never stay in one area for too long.

More activities...

Outdoor fun!

Birthday celebration!

Happy 4th birthday Maria! Thank you for celebrating with us!

Thank you for the book! We are looking forward to reading it together!

Looking forward to next week!!!!

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