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All about Europe!

We learned about different people, languages, foods, animals, traditions and famous landmarks from Europe! It's so awesome every time I announce that we are going on a virtual field trip. The kiddos cheer as if we are actually going on trip!

First virtual field trip... Spain! We learned about different people, foods, traditions such as the Running of the bulls and La Tomatina. We learned about famous artist Pablo Picasso and cubism. Of course we engaged in many art and theme-related activities.

Next stop... Italy! We "visited" the Coliseum and the Tower of Pisa and we went to Venice and saw the gondoliers steering a gondola.

Of course we didn't stop there.. we visited Moscow, Russia and The Kremlin Ballet Theatre where dancers were performing The Nutcracker.

Last stop... we visited France! Starting with The Eiffel Tower followed by a visit to the Louvre Museum to see the Mona Lisa!

We continue to work on our individual lessons as well as joining our friends in cooperative play which gives everyone opportunities to have fun while playing, and practicing skills.

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