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Amazing first full week!

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

When we believe all children are achievers and capable learners, they will perform at that level because these are the expectations, we transmit to them. Our positive expectations and positive attitudes of “yes you can!” help children get motivated and encourage them to try new things.

Our students come to school to learn, to socialize with their friends and have fun but learning the Montessori Way can be a bit challenging at first. The first few weeks are a lot of work!

Children are naturally full of energy, running from one place to another with little spatial awareness. They are not used to waiting more than a few seconds and having someone gently guiding and reminding them to please “walk slowly”, “push your chair in”, “get a work rug” or “table mat” several times can be exhausting for them when all they want to do is just go! (so many activities, so little time :o)

The good news is that taking the time to guide the children step by step, following procedures and reinforcing concepts help prepare them so that they can experience success!

You will be amazed at how wonderful the students are doing!

Yes, they may need to be reminded from time to time but they are starting to see patterns, starting to understand cause/effect and starting to understand that:

1. Safety always comes first

2. It is everyone’s responsibility to help take care of our learning environment

3. We have fun

4. We must remember to be kind and respectful to our friends

5. We always do our best work.

6. We do our best learning when we use soft voices and focus on our work

7. It is OK to ask for help

8. It is OK to make mistakes (it is part of learning)

9. It is OK to choose ANY work (as long as we "had a lesson on it”)

Please continue to support your child at home by reminding him/her from time to time about the points described above. Thank you for your support!

Check out these pictures and see for yourself!

Enjoy :o)

Learning how to to solve problems peacefully (role-play)

Practical Life Skills

Learning to use school supplies safely

Independent Work Choices

Cooperative Play


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