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Birds and Rainbows!

After a very snowy and cold winter, we are definitely looking forward to warmer weather and more outdoor play!!! We have been discussing and searching for signs of Spring.

We reviewed previously learned concepts of migration, adaptation, hibernation and engaged in activities related to birds.

We learned about rainbows/how they form and briefly discussed St. Patrick's day without the religious/historical aspect of it (nor leprechauns). We Just focused on Ireland. We went on a virtual field trip to see the beautiful landscapes and architectures. Our virtual field trip started at Dublin where we "visited" beautiful Parks and gardens. We then visited the Belfast Castle and a museum in Galway. Followed by Killarney National park in Cork. Of course we couldn't finish our trip without going to see a show. The kiddos were mesmerized as they watched a Riverdance performance!

For the most part, I like to keep our daily themes/activities "secret" because I love seeing my kiddos everyday excited during circle trying to figure out what they are going to learn! I want them to get excited and always have something to look forward to :o)

Please note, there are many activities added each and every day as a way to extend our lessons but they are just that, additional choices! The children are free to work on those activities (or not). The kiddos continue to receive daily individual lessons based on their needs, development and goals. The thematic-related activities NEVER replace individual lessons as those are conducted strictly using Montessori materials which are at the Core of what we do at BBMA.

Enjoy the pictures!

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