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Changes in our learning environment...

Before I let you know what your kiddos were doing for the past few days, I want to make you aware that I made a few changes to our daily routine and setup in order to keep children more engaged.

Children are born with an intrinsic desire to learn and explore. Our goal when using the Montessori Method is to support children's natural inclination to learn by providing an environment that will stimulate them while supporting their need for independence.

I noticed that my kiddos seemed less interested in exploring their classroom.

They seemed tired, not focusing on any activities in particular, wandering around finding it hard to make individual choices. The self-motivation was not there.

I found myself helping and redirecting a bit more than what I should. However, I do understand that these are very difficult times for everyone. We are all trying to deal with life during a pandemic as best as we can and no matter how much we try to shield children, it does affect them regardless.

My responsibility is to keep children safe wile providing a positive learning experience regardless of what is going on in the world. I need to meet my kiddos where they are and meet their individual needs even if that means changing things around in order to spark their interest and help them re-engage.

I decided to remove some materials (to be re-introduced at a later time) and allow for more group experiences to include more games, songs, virtual field trips and stories. I incorporated theme-related "centers" (as I usually do during our summer program).

After changes were implemented, I noticed the children were more engaged and eager to explore the materials that were available to them!

I will continue to focus on what works/doesn't work and make adjustments/modifications as I want my kiddos to be happy.

Learning is a long-life process and while children are in my care, it is up to me to entice them, engage them and create opportunities for them to want to learn and explore!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the changes in our class but I want to assure you that while some of the activities have changed our routine and transitions remain the same to support children's need for order that help children feel safe and give them a sense of comfort.

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