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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

During the past week, the students learned more about each other and what makes us special and unique. We continue to work on skills through shared activities, songs, games that will help develop character focusing on:

· Awareness

· Respect

· kindness

· Responsibility

· Hard work

· Perseverance

· Flexibility

· Sharing

· Courtesy

· Patience

· Politeness

As I mentioned before, it takes time for young children to adjust to their new environment and new ways of doing things in the classroom. We are covering all the preliminary lessons during the first few weeks that will help each child make choices, work independently and focus.

I take the time to explain and role model the reasoning behind each rule, but some children test their boundaries and try to see how far they can go (as most children do). They still tend to get inpatient and from time to time still get upset with me when I remind them to use their quiet voices or walk in the classroom (but I know secretly they love me because I get the sweetest hugs when I least expect it :o)

With patience, gentle guidance and consistency they will get it in no time. See the videos below (and the explanations)

This is our last week with preliminary lessons! So next week each student will get individualized lesson plan based on child’s development and individual needs.

Please note: The children do work together, talk, play (using low voices so that the rest of the children can focus on their work. (that’s how we do our best work in class).

They may ask a friend to play with them or ask to join in with others. However, children are not forced to work/play with others. It is OK if a child prefers to play alone or choose a different activity. We model and practice asking, accepting and declining politely as to not hurt other’s feelings.

Another point to keep in mind, during the first few months of school we want to encourage independent work so that children learn to focus on their work. The room arrangement allows for that without adult intervention.

During the work cycle, children are encouraged to make choices from the many lessons they received since school started. If they are not sure which activities to choose from they can always go to our "mystery bag" .

Going around looking for something to do until they find something that sparks their interest :o)

Now something fun :o)

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