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December Happenings...

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The children continue to learn about our planet Earth, using the globe

as a model or representation of our Earth.

We have been learning about Earth’s biosphere (land/air/water) and people, animal, plants that live in it. The children are learning about the globe hemispheres, the equator and cardinal directions. The children were able to learn about the difference between a globe and a map and why maps are useful. We continue to learn about North America, different biomes including deciduous, rain-forest, tundra, desert, mountain, wetland and grassland. The activities included classification of pictures, nomenclatures, stories, short videos among other activities.

The children learned about the United States flag, and neighbor countries including Mexico.

The children learned about Posadas (how people in Mexico celebrate Christmas).

They also learned about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, her history and her work of art.

We started our Holidays around the world Unit with Christmas celebrations

The children receive daily individual lessons and continue to practice using Montessori Materials and extensions to help them gain valuable skills throughout the curriculum.

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