• Ibis Fernando

First day of our summer program 2020

Finally back in our classroom! The children were happy to see each other and had no problems getting back into their routine! The children enjoyed favorite activities and had fun playing in our playground.

We are happy to welcome a new friend, Mirabel into our little school community. The children were very kind and helpful to their new classmate and Mirabel fits right in! She is a great addition to our little group :o)

Mr. Bryan and Gracie joined us as well. It was nice to have extra helpers!

We went over our class rules and briefly discussed Covid-19, the reason why adults wear masks and the importance of washing hands. We took turns washing hands and went over the procedure using "stop" signs and designated shelves for used materials waiting to be disinfected.

We had the opportunity to sing, dance and listen to a stories.

Tomorrow, we will introduce our theme and engage in theme-related activities the rest of the week. Check back on Friday so you can see what your kiddos were up to this week...

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