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First week after winter break!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The students were happy to see their friends and eager to work in all the new and exciting activities readily available on the shelves.

Super-excited to share all about celebrations and presents received during the holidays!

Busy-bees, always happy to explore their learning environment and engage in new activities!

We started our science unit related to the human body,

learning about body parts, internal organs and their functions

We had fun making predictions and engaging in a little experiment (liquid/solid)

We are learning about:

  • Winter

  • Animal migration, adaptation and hibernation

  • Water cycle

  • liquid/solid

Winter-related activities

We discussed new year resolutions and things we would like to improve or learn during the new year! They were engaged in goal-setting activities.

Whether the children are working on math, reading, writing or any other skills, they continue to receive individual lessons and are free to engage in activities that will help them meet their individual goals.

There's always time to help...

and time to share books with a special friend :o)

The children didn't miss a bit, they picked-up right where they left off with ease!

They are amazing!

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