• Ibis Fernando

Happy New Year!

We learned a lot during our first week back after the holidays!

We discussed different signs of winter , we learned about snowflakes, how they form and why they are different. We engaged in winter-related activities.

We learned about animals in winter , hibernation, migration and adaptation. We learned many facts about penguins and their life-cycle.

We discussed different Landmarks, different types of housing and transportation, foods and other interesting facts about North America. We discussed Native Americans and explored various Native American artifacts. We learned about the history of the Statue of Liberty and went on a virtual field trip to visit the Lady Liberty :o)

We learned about what make items sink or float (density)and had fun making predictions and observing each items as it was placed in the water :o)

We open the shelves so now children are able to explore and engage in more activities

We ended our week with yummy hot chocolate and marshmallows yay!

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