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Last day of our Summer Program... Goodbye for now!

We had to leave the best for last! What better way to conclude our school year/Summer program than with circus-time fun! The rain was not enough to put a damper on our day. We couldn’t have our games outdoors, so we brought the circus indoors! We played games, listen to stories, sang songs, worked on circus-related activities, enjoyed ice cream and danced! We had so much fun!!!! Thank you Mr. Bryan for the fun games and props :o)

Photo Booth!

Gracie's turn to celebrate!

Due to Covid, Gracie's birthday party was cancelled.

It was nice to see her celebrating with her new friends!

Congratulations to Charlie, He will start Kindergarten in September.

We wish him happiness and lots of fun in his new school!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you dear parents, for choosing Bright Beginnings Montessori Academy for your children. It is a pleasure coming to school every day to care, teach, help, and support your kiddos every day. Thank you for allowing me to serve your family. I am looking forward to the new academic year. I will see you in September! I will email you in a few days with more information regarding first day of school and other pertinent information.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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