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November lessons

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

We have been busy learning and having fun! Enjoy the pictures :o)

The children have been playing games, learning songs and engaging in fun activities relating to North America

The children had the opportunity to learn about artist, painter, illustrator Norman Rockwell and engaged in Thanksgiving related activities starting with the story of the first Thanksgiving. They learned about Squanto and Native Americans, they learned about Native American children and their traditional clothing and dance. We took turns sharing Native American artifacts and working on various theme-related activities. We have been engaging in discussions about gratitude and being thankful for the people and things that makes us happy.

Of course, we had to discuss the turkey as well so we learned about the life cycle of a turkey and the different parts of a turkey. We continue to practice grace and courtesy as we discuss polite conversation when we enjoy lunch together. There has been a lot of napkin folding practice as well as practice with table/plate setting. Yes, we had to throw in a little Spanish in the mix.

As we continue to learn about the different continents, we have started to see pictures and videos of children around the world and differences in their living condition. The conversations are sparking interest as the children are starting to view similarities/differences and are starting to develop appreciation for some of the things they have access to compared to other children from around the world. I am planning a gratitude project for the holidays (I will be sharing information with you shortly)

Never a dull moment, children are always engaged in a combination of independent, shared and whole-group activities that keep them learning and having fun.

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