• Ibis Fernando

Our last week of our summer program!

During our last week, we learned about Marine Life (Under the Sea)

During this week we learned…

  • Fun facts about sea creatures including fish, starfish, seahorse, octopus, and dolphins.

  • 5 Oceans

  • Stories including: The pout-pout fish, Mister seahorse and Rainbow fish

  • Many theme-related activities, songs, and games.

The children had opportunities to engage in individual activities as well as cooperative play with friends.

Montessori in action! Older students helping younger friends!

Older student (leader) giving a younger friend a coloring lesson :o)

Older friend, helping a younger friend :o)

Congratulations to the Cruz Family as they welcome their new baby boy!

MIrabel is a big sister!!!!

Outdoor Recess!

Favorite games: Duck-duck- goose, hot potato and Go/Stop!

Never a dull moment!

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