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Our little Thanksgiving feast!

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Work Cycle

Practical Life activities included: table-setting, food prep, flower arranging,

napkin folding and gift wrapping

Everyone had a chance to chop veggies for our chicken soup!

Lots of flower arrangements to decorate our classroom!

We listened to the story of The first Thanksgiving and made Thanksgiving bracelets!

Everyone helped with setup for our little Thanksgiving feast!

Our little Thanksgiving feast!!!

Grace and Courtesy


Helping with dessert (crushing graham crackers for "pie crust")

Ready for dessert!


Time to sing and dance!

We had time to share before it was time to go home. We took turns sharing about things that make us happy and what we are thankful for and my heart was just filled with happiness hearing them say they were thankful for me and their school! Words can't describe what it means to me! I want to make sure they learn and have fun, keeping things interesting so that they have something to look forward to everyday but of course, I am firm with them when need be, but they also feel my love, care and respect towards them. It melts my heart knowing they are happy. It is an honor for to have them in my class and I am very thankful for all of you because I have the most supportive, understanding and awesome parents any teacher can wish for!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

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