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Peace Education

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

The basics of peace

Respect, friendship, kindness, compassion and cooperation are the core of our Learning Environment and everything we do.

As children learn to care for themselves, for others and for their environment, they also gain tools that help empower them to express their feelings, voice their opinions, solve problems and resolve conflicts in peaceful ways is the Montessori Way!

We celebrated National Peace Day (September 21)by reading stories, singing songs (“light a candle for Peace”) and engaging in peaceful activities.

Some of the activities included the silence game, yoga cards, peaceful matching cards. These activities are available any time and they are especially useful when children want to take breaks in between activities, need to get calm-down, or just for fun.

Our quiet area, and library are also available any time when children want alone time or they need to “center-themselves” before returning to an activity.

Our peace corner is used whenever we need to discuss a problem or solve a conflict.

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