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Solar system...

We had so much fun learning about the solar system, our planet Earth, and the phases of the moon! Some of the things we learned: Our Planet Earth orbits around the sun. It takes 12 months (one year) for the Earth to complete a full rotation. We learned about the sun and the moon. We learned about the different planets and that the Moon rotates around the Earth. We learned about the different phases of the moon. The Moon seems a bit different each day, depending on which side of the moon the Earth is facing. We learned new vocabulary words including meteors, galaxy, crater and constellations.

We discussed (reviewed) Norman Rockwell, had the opportunity to see some of his special paintings and make self-portraits of our own. It was nice to hear the children that learned about Norman Rockwell last year to remember and share information. This time around, we went on a virtual tour of a museum to see Norman Rockwell's paintings. That is what Montessori is all about; not memorization but providing children with information and exploration. Finding ways to plant "seeds of knowledge"every day is at the core of Montessori education. Making sure we go back and review by adding new points of interests and providing opportunities for children to practice concepts by learning through repetition.

Birthday Celebrations!!!

Mateo's birthday walk! Happy fifth birthday!!!

We celebrated via Zoom, Mr. Bryan's birthday!

The children were so surprised to see Mr. Bryan's baby picture.

Definitely have to review life cycle of humans :o)

Where did time go? So blessed! So proud of my sweet baby boy who has turned into the wonderful, sweet, kind, loving, helpful awesome man he is today! Happy 23rd birthday Mr. Bryan!

Work Cycle

Pajama Party

We ended our week with our pajama party!!!

Dancing, singing, playing games and eating goodies :0)

"Party in a bag" yummy treats!

Awesome way to end a fun week!!!

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