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South America, rainforest and apples!

During the past week, we engaged in activities to learn more about our place in the world and reviewed concepts previously learned (our Planet Earth, Our Continent North America, The United States, our State Pennsylvania).

We are learning about South America, biomes, people, landmarks and fun facts about South America. We learned about the Amazon Rainforest and went on a virtual field trip to the rainforest! We learned about different animals and reviewed previous concepts learned such as vertebrates/invertebrates.

We learned about famous artist Paul Cezanne. We learned that when Paul was a little boy, he stood up for a young friend who was treated unkindly by his school peers. As a way of showing his appreciation, the young friend gave Paul an apple. Although we may never know if that was the reason why Paul Cezanne enjoyed painting apples, we certainly enjoyed engaging in apple-theme related activities! Of course, we reviewed the life cycle of an apple, what trees need to grow and different parts of a tree :o)

Of course they had opportunities to choose their own activities and engage in their one-on-one lessons!

Of course we had to enjoy yummy apple slices :o)

As I have mentioned before, the children in their first plane of development are constantly absorbing information from their environment like little sponges. I take advantage of those little windows of opportunity to introduce different concepts. My kiddos may not always remember all the information, but I know that the information is stored somewhere in their constantly developing brain :o)

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