• Ibis Fernando


Dear Parents,

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, I will be taking some time to read stories, incorporate activities and engage children in conversations in order to help with transitions to new school settings for next year.

I will keep it low key as the children process information in different ways and I want to minimize any disruptions or create unnecessary feelings of anxiety. The children have learned that growth and change is part of life and change can be positive!

I will ask that you help me support the children by keeping it low key at home as well. I understand you may want to get your child excited for the next chapter in their lives but they have weeks before they will set foot in another class setting and the concept of time at such young age is difficult to understand and process. Try not to discuss it too much, that's why we are working on transitions at school.

I am confident that all my kiddos will do great in their next school program!

They have grown into self-directed, independent, hard-working, helpful, cooperative, learners that will quickly adjust to any class! I am honored to have been a part of the process! It has been an amazing journey!

Thank you for your constant support. Any teacher will feel honored to partner with you as they continue to help your children grow and thrive!

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