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Welcome to our 2020-21 School Year!

So happy to welcome you all to a new school year! We have a tiny school community but we are like family! The children had time to build strong bonds with me and each other during last school year and our summer program.They were happy to see each other and jumped right-in, without missing a beat!

The time we spent together during summer served as a great transition, as we learned about our new procedures to stay healthy and safe. During the past two days, we reviewed our class rules, reviewed grace and courtesy lessons and practiced procedures that will help them work independently when they return to class next week.

Two short days doesn't sound like much but we had enough time to dance, play with our friends, listen to stories, color, do art activities and so much more! Sorry, I didn't take many pictures but the goal was to do as much as possible, while maintaining the kids engaged without overwhelming them after a long break from school.

In my continued effort to provide the best learning environment for my kiddos, I have decided to redesign our classroom and assign a shelf for each child.

Each shelf has materials selected for each individual child coinciding with their individual weekly lesson plan (based on their age, development, needs and goals). Shelves will include lessons on Practical Life, Sensorial experiences, Language Arts and Mathematics. Each child has a plant to take care of, set of books (additional books on our library area), playdough, necklace making. I check for understanding, progress and interest and make modifications accordingly. Extensions may be included to provide opportunities for challenge if the student is showing signs of readiness.

The Montessori materials are designed for children of various ages and abilities. I get to use the same materials and adapt the way I present the lesson in order to teach the concepts and meet their individual needs.

In addition to the shelves the students have access to the rest of the activities in the classroom.

Science, geography, history and cultural studies are presented to whole group and theme-related activities are available if they are interested.

I will share your child's lesson plan for the upcoming week so that you can get a better understanding of what they will be learning, however, I will only continue to do it if you request it. I understand you are all busy. I am also super busy and rather focus my limited time in preparing activities for the kids.

I will however, continue to share school happenings via weekly class blog and monthly newsletters.

Calendars will be emailed monthly to keep you informed including "looking ahead" dates so that you can plan accordingly. I will also keep you informed about your child's progress (conference dates will be emailed well in advance).

Here are a few things you can do to help your child prepare for a successful year!

  • Begin or re-establish a school routine schedule. This should include reasonable bedtime hours and routines (preschool age children who are 2-5 generally need at least 10 hours of sleep).

  • Spend a few minutes with your child reading aloud each night and snuggling together.

  • Allow for enough time in the morning to encourage your child to help getting ready

  • Allow enough time for your child to eat breakfast (hungry tummies need to wait until our snack time at 10:00 am) that is a long time for them to wait.

Please keep in mind that the children work and play at their own pace. They are encouraged to explore, engage and discover all within our peaceful learning environment. If the children are feeling tired or hungry, they will find it difficult to fully participate and focus. Feeling hungry or tired may interfere with their learning process.

Thank you so much for your support, partnership and commitment to your child's education.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Ibis Fernando

Disclaimer: I will email monthly calendars with important dates along with monthly newsletters. In addition, I will send emails and texts. Please, make sure you read all the information, mark important dates on your calendar and check our class blog on a regular basis. Please make sure you check your Parent Handbook as our policies and procedures will be enforced. I will try to send reminders but it is ultimately parent's responsibility to be aware of what's going on, follow policies/procedures, keep track of important dates and school happenings. I am trying to get your children ready for elementary school and helping you prepare so that you can make a smooth transition as well :o) Thank you.

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