Our Educational Program



Bright Beginnings

Montessori Academy is about...









  • Children are provided with enriching, challenging, fun hands-on early childhood education activities and opportunities to learn at their own pace.

  • Children discover an ability to complete math problems, name the continents, identify geometric shapes, write, and talk about scientific concepts such as “metamorphosis”. Just as important in the classroom is the engaging of the child’s creative intelligence. Children are exposed to fine art, music, history and cultural studies.  They might paint their own Impressionist “water lily” one day or enjoy a traditional food from another country. There is always so much to learn and do!

  • Children are provided with experiences and opportunities during these formative years to explore, create, ask questions, analyze and think critically.

  • Children gain exposure to dual language as they learn to communicate in English and Spanish!



  • Children learn and practice respect, patience, understanding and cooperation as they work and play together.

  • Children learn to be competent, engaged, responsible, and respectful members of society

  • Children are provided with opportunities to learn about themselves and their world, gaining an understanding that learning can be fun and learning is for life.

  • Children learn about Stewardship - Stewardship takes many forms, from implementing everyday actions that reduce one's ecological footprint to organizing activities to help local or international communities that are in need. The power of engaged citizens begin at BBMA. Children engage in activities to help our environment and help others who are less fortunate. Learning at an early age that in big or small ways, we all can make a difference.


  • Children's natural drive for independence is supported by an experienced and Montessori certified teacher as she guides and engages them in their own learning process, encouraging them to choose activities of interest.

  • Children are guided, supported and encouraged to explore their learning environment, find answers and make discoveries on their own.


  • Children gain self-confidence, feel capable, learn to problem-solve and become engaged, helpful, polite and respectful member of our little school community. They gain the educational foundation and skills that allow for an easy transition to Kindergarten or First grade after their Montessori experience.