• Ibis Fernando


Even the most social of children are anxious about transitions. Even children with “school experience” may feel apprehensive with new situations. Here are a few things you can do to help your child prepare for a successful start.

· Let your child know that you are happy and excited about him/her going to school but try to avoid excessive discussions about school. The child should feel that going to school is a normal and natural part of his/her new routine.

· Stay calm and positive, your child will sense this and feel that going to school is a good thing.

· Please bring your child to the scheduled school walk-through as it will help with the transition.

· When leaving your child on the first day, give your child a hug, kiss (if culturally appropriate) and a friendly good-bye, only one time, and leave. Parents need a matter-of-fact attitude which gives the child great security. If there are tears, I will be there to comfort your child.

Relax…breathe…your child is in good hands :o)

~Ibis Fernando

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