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As always, the safety and well-being of our children, families  remain our number one priority.  We follow guidance from CDC, State and Health authorities and enhance our already rigorous health and safety procedures to maintain a healthy, safe school environment.


  • Low adult-to-child ratio in the classroom

  • Adults wear protective masks in the classroom *masks for students and their families are optional at this time 

  • Screening upon arrival to check for elevated temperatures or evidence of symptoms.


  • Wellness checks are conducted throughout the day. Parents of children with illness or symptoms are notified immediately 

  • Limited Classroom Access- Non-essential visitors are not allowed into our classroom.

  • Air purifiers to improve the quality of circulating air in the classroom.


  • We have enhanced our health practices by strengthening our existing protocols to allow for even more hand-washing as well as frequent, deep cleaning and disinfecting of furniture, materials, equipment, and frequently touched areas.

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